What’s changed about American Express® Card acceptance? The things you wanted most.

You can find a rate that’s right for your business and a faster, easier way to accept the Card.

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Rate Options Before OptBlue

Before OptBlue, you had one rate option for American Express® Card acceptance.

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American Express Card Acceptance Rate Options with Optblue
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Rate Options With OptBlue

You’ve got options! Because Merchant Service Providers set their own rate, you can shop around for the best rate for your business.

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Here’s to an easier day at the office.

Simpler processing saves you time and gets you your money faster.

Dollar Bill

One Fast Payment

Get paid at the same time as your other card brands—all your card payments come to you at once.


One Simple Statement

One statement for all the credit cards you accept, from your provider.


One Service Contact

Your provider can answer questions for every card you accept through them.

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Attract customers to your business with free advertising.

Simply accept American Express® Cards, then take advantage of these two ways to get connected to customers searching for businesses like yours.


Put your business in front of potential customers with a listing on the Shop Small® Map.1


Help drive sales by displaying signage that shows potential customers you want their business.2